Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Written proof that MSM reporters conspired to help Obama

If any proof was needed, that is. Liberal reporters and their political and academic friends used a listserv called Journolist, a place where a group of people could post comments to one another, during the 2008 election and until recently.

The Daily Caller obtained some or all of the backfiles, which show an active conspiracy among MSM journalists from a variety of publications discussing how to help Obama escape the Rev. Wright scandal.

While Republicans have known for decades that the MSM works to help Democratic candidates, this is the first evidence I’m aware of where this conspiracy is documented in writing. Among the tactics suggested by MSM “reporters” was to call senior Republicans “racist”.

This should be a huge scandal, but since it involves the MSM, unless Fox, talk radio, and the blogs pick this up and push it, the MSM will do everything in its power to bury it.

If you ever wondered whether the MSM actively coordinated its pro-Democratic coverage, or just happened to agree, this is the smoking gun.

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