Monday, June 21, 2010

Obama won't enforce border security until Congress passes amnesty

Arizona Senator John Kyl says that Obama told him that he won't enforce border security until amnesty is passed. Here is the video of Kyl's remarks.

From Hot Air blog,

"Of course The One won’t do anything about the border until he gets ... amnesty; his party wants to build a heavy Democratic majority among Latinos long-term and he’s not going to mess that up. What’s stunning is simply the fact that he’d be so candid, to a member of the opposition no less, in admitting his dereliction of duty. Sure, he could fulfill his constitutional responsibility and try to enforce federal law — but what good will that do him politically?... And you thought the BP deal was a 'shakedown.'”

Does anyone actually believe that Obama will enforce border security after an amnesty bill passes?

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