Saturday, May 29, 2010

Will the cover up be successful?

The latest Obama White House assertion that former President Bill Clinton offered Rep. Sestak an unpaid advisory post in return for dropping out of the Senate race is about as plausible as Bill Clinton's assertion that he didn't have sex with Monica Lewinski.

Let's remember that Sestak originally said he "was offered a job" in return for dropping out of the race. Would anyone call an unpaid, occasional advisory role a "job?" When asked whether the job was Navy Secretary, Sestak refused to answer. If that wasn't the case, why didn't he just say "no?" Sestak also originally said the offer was made by "someone in the White House." Could the ex-President reasonably be described as "someone in the White House?"

It's really quite remarkable that Obama would turn to famous liar Clinton to try to cover his tracks with such a lame concoction. Does anyone really believe that Obama would employ a former President to make such a minuscule, meaningless offer? Sestak also originally said that he had multiple conversations over a period of 1-2 months. The White House announcement also said that there had been contacts over a 2 month period. Then, once Clinton was brought into the picture, Sestak said he had only talked to Clinton once about a position for less than a minute. Is this not a blatant contradiction?

The fact that Obama and Clinton had lunch before the announcement, and that Sestak's brother was called by the White House is likely evidence that Obama's people were making sure everyone had their stories straight before issuing this howler.

The fact that the White House has gone to such lengths to create an obviously implausible story can only mean they believe they have something serious to hide. The question now is whether a compliant MSM will conspire with the White House to bury this scandal before it gets out of hand.

There is almost certainly a serious cover up going on, but unless media pressure forces the Administration to appoint a special prosecutor, the cover up will be successful. The chances of the Obama lapdogs in the MSM doing that are somewhere between slim and none.

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