Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Obama's "successful" investigation of the Times Square attempted bombing

It's not surprising that the Obama publicity machine, oops, I mean the MSM, has reported the capture of the Times Square bomber as a big success, but it is surprising that more of the conservative media outlets haven't pointed out the obvious - that he wasn't stopped before the attack.

The attempted Times Square bombing was at least the fourth effort by Jihadists to kill Americans in America since the Obama administration took office. One was successful - the Fort Hood shootings - and three were botched. The common factor is that under the Obama security team, none of these were caught in advance. The only reason many more have not died is the incompetence of the attackers, not the success of investigators. It is only a matter of time until we are not so lucky.

Another interesting angle is reported by Michelle Malkin, who points out that many Jihadist attackers have used marriage, sham or not, to obtain US citizenship so they could plot from inside the country.

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