Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chris Christie is the real deal

As this article p0ints out, there is at last one politician who is doing what it takes to rein in out of control government spending. Chris Christie seemed like an unlikely hero when he defeated New Jersey's incumbent Democratic governor last year, but his actions are speaking louder than the words of just about every other political leader in the country.

"Christie is tackling the nation’s worst state deficit — $10.7 billion of a $29.3 billion budget. In doing so, Christie has become the politician so many Americans crave, one willing to lose his job. Indeed, Christie is doing something unheard of: governing as a Republican in a blue state, just as he campaigned, making good on promises, acting like his last election is behind him.

Upon taking office Christie declared a state of emergency, signing an executive order that froze spending, and then, in eight weeks, cutting $13 billion in spending. In March he presented to the Legislature his first budget, which cuts 9 percent of spending, including more than $800 million in education funding; seeks to privatize numerous government functions; projects 1,300 layoffs; and caps tax increases."

If Christie can transition to the national stage, we may have found a politician we can believe in.

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