Thursday, May 13, 2010

Arizona targets ethnic studies programs

Amid all the wailing and gnashing of teeth about the Arizona illegal immigration law, the state has taken another bold move to quash ethnic studies programs that promote racism.

"The law, which takes effect Dec. 31, would prohibit courses that promote resentment toward one race; that are designed for students of one race; that promote ethnic solidarity "instead of treating students as individuals;" and that encourage "the overthrow of the United States government.""

For years the left has used the charge of "racism" to smear opponents of their political agenda. The fact is that the left itself has been the real promoter of racism for decades, partly through the use of "ethnic studies" programs to indoctrinate students that all non-white groups are victims of the white majority, as well as to encourage Mexican American students to view themselves as Mexicans first, last and always.

This is really an under-appreciated phenomenon among conservatives, so it is good to see Arizona taking the lead to suppress this form of racist education. Whether the goals of the new law will be met remains to be seen. The educational establishment has a long history of doing what it wants, regardless of legislative attempts to rein in its worst excesses.

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