Monday, July 6, 2009

Examples of "free" Canadian health care

Few on the conservative side misunderstand the downside of "free" government run healthcare, especially when there are so many examples in places like Canada and Britain. Here's another article showing some of the grotesque failures of "free" healthcare in both of these countries.

"In America, people wait in emergency rooms, too, but it's much worse in Canada. If you're sick enough to be admitted, the average wait is 23 hours.

'We can't send these patients to other hospitals.' Dr. Eric Letovsky told us. 'Every other emergency department in the country is just as packed as we are.'

More than a million and a half Canadians say they can't find a family doctor. Some towns hold lotteries to determine who gets a doctor. In Norwood, Ontario, '20/20' videotaped a town clerk pulling the names of the lucky winners out of a lottery box. The losers must wait to see a doctor.

Shirley Healy, like many sick Canadians, came to America for surgery. Her doctor in British Columbia told her she had only a few weeks to live because a blocked artery kept her from digesting food. Yet Canadian officials called her surgery 'elective.'

'The only thing elective about this surgery was I elected to live,' she said."

We need to get our liberal friends to read more of these articles.

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Anonymous said...

If you are a city dweller in Canada (as I am), think twice before you pull up sticks and retire to the countryside or to a small town or village. Your chance of finding a family doctor is close to zero. There just aren't enough doctors outside the urban areas. And don't look for private medicare - it's illegal. Let me repeat that - it's illegal for a doctor to provide services other than through the state monopoly. We regularly hear of people retiring to the countryside only to return to the city because of this unbelievable situation.
Take a drive through southern Ontario (or anywhere else in Canada for that matter) and you will see the majority of small towns have large roadside adverts pleading with doctors to relocate to their "beautiful community". And why don't they? Well, the state monopoly pays a flat (miserly) rate for each patient visit so it is relatively easy to make a reasonable living in the city, but not in the countryside. Now if doctors were free to make their own decisions about how they run their businesses.......