Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A trillion for "stimulus", and now they're running out of cash for roads!?!?

According to this article, "The Obama administration said as much as $17 billion in additional federal money is needed to maintain roads and bridges over the next two years...

The highway trust fund will need an injection of as much as $7 billion by September or states would not receive all the money they are counting on to finance construction projects later this year, the administration said.

In addition, the fund will need as much as $10 billion more, or roughly 25% of what it distributes to states each year for road work, in the 12 months after September"

Wasn't infrastructure such as roads supposed to be one of the primary beneficiaries of the trillion dollar porkulus, excuse me, stimulus spending package? How is this even conceivably, remotely, imaginably possible? Are we living in some alternate universe where words and facts have completely lost their meaning?

Oh that's right, we're living in the Age of Obama, where a trillion dollars in spending is authorized, and there is apparently no money available to spend. But don't worry, Democratic lawmakers are on the case, "trying to identify new money sources to maintain the nation's infrastructure." Right, now we get it.

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