Monday, June 8, 2009

More "Obamafacts"

As has been mentioned here a number of times previously, the "facts" in Obama's mind don't have to correlate with the facts everyone else except the media sees. Yet another example from a recent Karl Rove column in the WSJ:

"Mr. Obama has an ingenious approach to job losses: He describes them as job gains. For example, last week the president claimed that 150,000 jobs had been created or saved because of his stimulus package. He boasted, 'And that's just the beginning.'

However, at the beginning of January, 134.3 million people were employed. At the start of May, 132.4 million Americans were working. How was Mr. Obama magically able to conjure this loss of 1.9 million jobs into an increase of 150,000 jobs?"

Rove points out that, of course "the White House press corps has let Mr. Obama's ludicrous claim go virtually unchallenged."

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