Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Check out PJTV

As internet speeds increase, on-demand video is getting more and more common. This is leading to the ability to create the equivalent of network news programs on the internet at a small fraction of the cost. Ultimately, internet TV news may do to NBC and the other left wing news broadcasts what the blogs and Craig's List are doing to liberal newspapers.

One such conservative TV website is PJTV, which offers a large number of video news and analysis clips on topics of the day. One such clip is on the subject of media bias by internet reporter Bill Whittle. It's well worth watching.

Another program is the news analysis by radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt. Hewitt is a former attorney, a relentless interviewer on his radio program, as well as a blogger and columnist. His TV segments radiate the kind of intelligence that is so obviously lacking in virtually all TV news venues.

Many of us have shifted away from major newspapers to the blogs for more and more print reporting. It's time to begin shifting away from the insipid, biased TV news as well, and turn to internet sites like PJTV. If we can keep the 1st Amendment intact, we should learn a lot more from internet TV news than from the dying relics of the MSM.

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