Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another missive from a recovering liberal

"Robin of Berkeley" has been writing a series of articles about what it's like for a lifelong liberal to wake up one day and discover that everything she's believed for all these years is nonsense, and that conservatives have been right all along. These are well written pieces with an insight into both liberal and conservative thought, in other words, a good read.

Her latest piece is on the possibility of becoming a gun owner. It's worth forwarding to any of your favorite liberals. Here's the intro:

"I've been thinking about learning how to fire a gun, maybe even buying one. Now if you are a lifelong conservative, Red State dweller, and NRA member, you might be thinking, "Big yawn. What's next? She'll be telling us what she had for breakfast?"

So let me try to convey to you the enormousness, the Alice in Wonderland quality of my even posing the question, something I've never, ever considered in my life. No one I know owns a gun. I've never seen a gun (well on a holster of a police officer but I never wanted to get up close and personal with it). I have given lots of good money over the years for gun control. Learning to fire a gun seems as ludicrous as deciding to take up brain surgery...."

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