Friday, May 1, 2009

Obama's fantasies about "torture"

President Obama's position on coercive interrogation, or as he likes to misname it, "torture", appears to be based almost entirely on false information. He said during his press conference that we could have obtained key information from top terrorists in other ways, whereas the very memos his administration released admitted that the CIA had been unable to obtain intelligence from these thugs without using enhanced techniques.

He also said that Winston Churchill had refused to use coercive techniques against German prisoners during World War II. Unfortunately, there is this article in the left wing British paper The Guardian from 2005 describing the use of even more severe interrogations which didn't end until 1948.

For someone who his supporters like to describe as a pragmatist, this shows a very disturbing pattern of behavior. If his belief system conflicts with reality, he appears to be quite comfortable making up pseudo facts out of thin air, and using these fantasies to "justify" his position in the face of obvious evidence to the contrary.

If this is his supporters' definition of pragmatism, one wonders what their definition of delusion is.

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