Monday, May 25, 2009

The environmental movement, DDT, and mass murder

This article is just the latest in the long list of articles pointing out that the banning of DDT by the environmental movement has killed more people than Hitler, and probably more than Stalin or Mao as well. Yet the green movement has never been called to account by the absolutely clueless MSM or the equally clueless Republican party for its conspiracy to commit mass murder on the largest scale.

DDT has always been, and continues to this day to be the single most effective malaria preventer ever invented. The WSJ article above estimates that banning DDT has caused 50 million deaths and continues to cause a million a year, mostly children.

There should be a class action law firm out there to take on the biggest such suit in history demanding trillions of dollars in damages from the whole range of environmental groups for their complicity in these murders - for withholding a life saving chemical from dying people is murder, pure and simple.

As usual, the greens base their anti-DDT campaign on absolute junk science. An irony is that even birds, one of the main supposed beneficiaries of the DDT ban, are killed in the millions by mosquito born viruses like West Nile.

It's perhaps not surprising the the MSM, so deep in the green's pocket that they can't see out, aren't shouting about this travesty. It's pathetic that Republican politicians are either so clueless or so intimidated by the environmental movement that they won't speak up about the worst mass murder in history occuring right under their noses.

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