Sunday, April 12, 2009

Now that the Somali hijacking is over

The killing of the Somali pirates and rescue of the American captain is hardly the end of the pirate story. Before the short lived euphoria in the west is over, the pirate gangs will almost certainly resort to killing western hostages in retaliation.

Make no mistake, this is a small war, and these people aren't going to give in without a fight. It was relatively easy this time, but soon westerners are probably going to die.

We'd better have a strategy to defeat these people (for 2 workable strategies, see this post) and the will to accept casualties, neither of which seems likely in this administration. More likely is a period of handwringing and indecision when the inevitable counter-blow comes. No doubt the usual defeatist idiots will say we brought it on ourselves. The clock is ticking - we'll see what happens.

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