Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Now that former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens has lost his reelection bid, charges dropped

Filing phony charges against Republican officeholders to force them out of office has become another standard practice of Democratic prosecutors. Even the Bush Justice Department was filled with Democratic affiliated lawyers helping their cause, and the hapless Roberto Gonzales was apparently powerless to stop their political shenanigans.

The latest example of this unfortunate trend is the dropping of charges against Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens after he had been safely removed from office while prosecutors were loudly alleging he had covered up illegal contributions.

Now it is the prosecutors themselves who are under investigation for egregious misconduct which the trial judge called the worst he'd seen in his 25 years on the bench. Of course, the possibility that any of them will face any real penalty is about as likely as snow in Texas in July. They've done the job they set out to do - cause Stevens to lose his re-election, so they are now free to advance the cause of justice on other fronts.

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Mel said...

It's too bad that a Judge can not set-aside the Senator's lost bid for reelection and force a rematch. This dastardly use of government power, without doubt, cost Stephens his seat. This is the kind of act that causes citizens to distrust their government.