Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Now fat people cause global warming

Just when you think that global warmers can't get any more ridiculous in their claims about human responsibility for planetary warming, they do. Now GW "scientists" are blaming overweight people for emitting too much CO2.

As I predicted in my previous post about "total regulation", global warming will be used as a pretext for controlling every aspect of human activity. While this latest "study" isn't yet linked to a "solution", it's not unlikely that the number of calories in restaurant meals will eventually be regulated "to help in the fight against global warming." Watch out, McDonalds. Perhaps further down the road, even in home food consumption may somehow be controlled through rationing.

"Global warming" isn't about the environment, it's about a rationale for imposing a bureaucratic dictatorship on the formerly free countries of the west.

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