Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More economic devastation from the Endangered Species Act

At a time when the economy is in severe stress, what makes more sense than shutting down agriculture in areas of California by withholding irrigation water supplies that have sustained the farms for generations?

"The state has said it will deliver only 20 percent of the water typically allocated for cities and farms this year. The federal Bureau of Reclamation, which operates a separate system to deliver water to farmers, has said it will not deliver any water this spring to farms south of the delta. Farmers north of the delta can expect to get just 5 percent of their contracted amount. "

Fortunately, throwing tens of thousands of farm workers out of work, shutting down thousands of farms, and zeroing out the economies of cities and towns dependent on surrouding farms has no immediate negative consequences for the jobs of the environmental attorneys responsible for these losses. After all, they don't live in the area, and the people affected are just the "little people", not the environmental elite.

Oh, and no doubt, the delta smelt, a small fish, will appreciate the fact that they are now more important than the people whose livelihoods are being destroyed. On second thought, they probably won't appreciate it.

If you bother to watch the MSM, have you seen stories on this? Of course not - after all, these are "flyover people". Their fate is not nearly as important as the latest doings of say, Britney Spears.

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