Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dick Morris on Obama's future

Dick Morris, Bill Clinton's Karl Rove, is no friend of most Democrats these days. Here's his interesting take on Obama's future. According to Morris, while people like the President personally, polls show they are opposed to most of his agenda.

"So if voters differ so fundamentally with the president on the very essence of his program, why do they accord him high ratings? They are like the recently married bride who took her vows 100 days ago. It would be a disaster for her life if she decides that she really doesn’t like her husband. But she keeps noticing things about him that she can’t stand. It will be a while before she walks out the door or even comes to terms with her own doubts, but it is probably inevitable that she will."

The article has some interesting poll numbers, as well as analysis. It's worth reading, especially if you want a glimmer of hope.

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