Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen Spector and the fillibuster proof Senate majority

Arlen Spector has finally revealed his true colors, not that it's any surprise. As it seems almost certain that Al Franken will be successful in stealing Norm Coleman's Senate seat, the Democrats will no longer have any obstacle to ramming through their left wing agenda. America faces dark years ahead, not only until a future election changes the electoral balance, but for generations to come.

Government run health care is now a certainty. We'll be able to enjoy the same deterioration of the quality and quantity of care that other national health care systems display. Medical progress will slow dramatically, as the US loses its leadership role in medical innovation. We'll start to see the same articles about shortages, incompetence, and appalling lapses of care that are regular features of the British and Canadian press.

Huge tax increases will also be on the agenda. We can kiss goodbye the possibility of future economic growth of the kind we've had for the past 30 years, and look forward to the European model of high unemployment, ever expanding bureaucracy, and a perpetually struggling economy.

Crushing new environmental laws will drastically raise the cost of energy, forcing industry out of the country, and intrude into many aspects of our lives as the EPA micromanages every activity that has any effect on energy use. Obama has already ruled out future use of America's largest energy resource, coal. Domestic energy production will decline and dependence on people like Hugo Chavez for energy imports will rise.

A foreign policy of weakness and appeasement, and the already rapid decline of our intelligence capability, will embolden our enemies, who know they will never have a better time to move against our interests.

Border enforcement will weaken dramatically, and legalization for the tens of millions of aliens either now in the country or waiting for their chance is on the way, as Democrats see illegal aliens as the basis of their future electoral power. The same endemic corruption and poverty that afflict Latin America will migrate to America.

Meanwhile, most people are snoozing, blissfully unaware that they are on a modern Titanic. The iceberg is slicing along the hull of the ship of state while the captain maintains all engines ahead, full left rudder. Everyone is toasting the captain's charisma and audacity, while the gurgling noises are starting and the long slide into the deep begins.

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