Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama's cap and trade plan estimated to cost $2 trillion over 8 years

Obama's plan to crush American business and consumers with a new energy tax called cap and trade was already projected to cost $646 billion over 8 years, but now top Obama economic aide Jason Furman has estimated the real cost is close to $2 trillion.

This sort of tax has been the real objective of the global warming crowd all along. Demonizing CO2 has always been a means to an end - justifying huge new taxes and controls of all kinds.

The so-called science behind anthropogenic global warming is laughable, but the campaign against CO2 is not - it is probably the greatest threat to freedom in the West that's been devised to date. It's been obvious for quite a while now that environmentalism has become the new Communism, an all purpose ideology of repression.

Now the Dems are talking about ramming the cap and trade tax through by using a maneuver to eliminate the 60 vote requirement in the Senate. Surprise, surprise. When they scent this much money, the Dems are like wolves tearing at a carcass - in this case the carcass of the American economy, and of American freedom. It will be interesting to see if they are successful at devouring both.

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