Monday, March 16, 2009

Another liberal paper bites the dust

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, one of the two hyper liberal newspapers in Seattle, will stop printing tomorrow. After years of pursuing a policy of alienating Republicans and other conservatives with news pages laced with liberal political slant so that it could share the population of Democratic party faithful with its more successful rival, the Seattle Times, the PI has finally run out of financial options.

It's really a wonder that the corporate types at Hearst, the owner of the PI, never tried the one tactic that might have made a difference - fair and balanced reporting. If that phrase sounds familiar, it's because Fox has had tremendous success in the cable news market by not being another of the innumerable purveyors of Democratic party talking points.

While technological innovations like the internet have put tremendous pressure on paper papers, Fox has shown that, in the cable world, having the right side of the political spectrum to yourself while everyone else has to share the left side, is a recipe for ratings and financial success.

It's really interesting that media executives are so wedded to their left wing ideology that they'll just let their papers fail rather than move them to the center.

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