Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Ten ways conservatives can fight back"

Blogger Nancy Morgan makes some suggestions about how conservatives can respond to the wave of Obamania sweeping the media, and therefore the country.

The media would have us believe that conservatives and our policies were repudiated in the recent election. The fact is that most people have no idea what The Messiah's policies are - they just thought he looked cooler than the old non-conservative guy he was running against.

If you ask most people if they're for open borders, amnesty for anyone who can slide under the fence, sky high spending, massive new environmental regulations, and tiny little expensive cars, they'll say heck no. So conservative principles didn't get crushed - far from it.

The media sold a bill of goods to the American people by emphasizing Obama's charisma and minimizing any explanation of his politics. So we'll have to go through 4 years of re-education similar to what happened during the Carter administration.

It's a painful process, but until Republicans learn how to get our message across without going through the Democratic Party/media complex, unpleasant experience is the only teacher in town. We just have to hope for as few avoidable deaths and injuries as possible during the class.

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