Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama works to kill Americans to save oil

While Obama will be doing everything possible to reduce American oil production, he will also be doing as much as possible to kill and maim Americans on the road by forcing us to drive tiny little automobiles within the next 10 years. Studies have shown that fuel economy standards mandated during the 1970's kill about 2,000 Americans a year, and cause many thousands of serious injuries. The new standards will increase the death toll dramatically.

Liberals love to bleat about "blood for oil". Their energy policy will cost lots of blood without saving any oil, because they'll reduce our production to match any savings from driving aluminum foil cars.

One of the many ironies is that we have plenty of domestic oil. Our oil shale resources would provide hundreds of years of supply at current consumption rates. The only reason for our dependence on foreign oil is government energy policy.

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