Monday, January 12, 2009

Media collusion with terrorists

It's been clear to some of us for a long time that the media are an essential ally of terrorist groups like Hamas. Unfortunately, the alliance is effective because so many people don't understand that terrorism wouldn't be a useful strategy without sympathetic media coverage. This article does a good job of pointing that out. Some key passages:

"In fact, it is the media themselves who are criminally complicit in the internment of Gaza's civilians in the line of fire. They could stop the terrorists simply by headlining Hamas' responsibility for the plight of the Arabs of Gaza, over and over again. That's the real story --- if only they could headline the facts right in front of their eyes. But they don't.

That shows us the real values of CNN and BBC; morally they are no better than the terrorists. The media are essential to the Kabuki play of terror, response, and renewed terror. They are constantly fanning the flames...

The next time you turn on CNN, remember that you are looking at smiling faces that knowingly collude in the deaths of civilians, both Jews and Arabs. Without the leftist media there is no payoff for terrorists. Shut off the oxygen of publicity and Hamas shrivels to a powerless gang of thugs."

The whole thing is worth reading - and passing along to your less perceptive friends.

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