Saturday, January 3, 2009

Global Warming sensors = bad data

For those who haven't followed the subject closely, one of the many critiques of global warming is that supporting temperature data is extremely suspect. Not only is past data spotty and of questionable quality, even today, climate monitoring stations are often placed in extremely poor locations which guarantee unreliable data quality.

This is not supposed to be happening in this scientifically advanced age, but one wonders whether modern data stations are sited by the ghosts of the Three Stooges. This is a case in point. As the article points out, there couldn't be much more wrong with this site. And there are many, many sites like this.

If you read through the article, another big question about the data is mentioned - adjustments. The people in charge of producing temperature trend charts incorporate large numbers of adjustments to the raw data without any explanation of the algorithms being used, or even that the adjustments are being inserted at all, so it is impossible to have any confidence in this data.

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