Saturday, December 27, 2008

Even the European MSM is getting skeptical about global warming

As anyone who follows the English language European press knows, the MSM over there has been much more fanatically vocal about the supposed global warming menace. The BBC in particular has been rabidly one sided on the subject. However, as the last shreds of credibility fall from the anthropogenic global warming hoax due to overwhelming theoretical and practical evidence, even the Euro press is beginning to wake up.

This piece in the London Telegraph is a good example. The leftist political class and their allies in the MSM, however, can be expected to try to delay the inevitable debunking long enough to pass reams of taxes and regulations to "protect" us from this non-existent threat. In Europe, where the process is further along, the damaging result to European economies, already weakened by welfare state parasitism, is causing even these politicos to wobble on their commitments to the green fanatics.

Unfortunately, the incoming Obama administration is likely to use this pretext to ram massive new regulations and taxes down our throats until the damage becomes as severe as it already is there. For example, Obama has promised not to allow new coal fired power plants in this country, so we won't have access to our most abundant energy resource at a time when the rest of the world is switching to coal where ever possible.

Instead we'll be wasting billions, if not trillions, of dollars on energy pipe dreams like windmills and solar. Britain has gone down that road already, and is facing massive shortages of electricity within the next 15 years as a result. One wonders how close we'll come to lights going out before we reverse course on this madness.

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