Friday, December 19, 2008

Canadian "Human Rights Commission" gives Islamic hate a pass

For those of you who haven't followed the incredible goings on north of the border, free speech is basically dead there. They have these laughingly misnamed government bodies called "Human Rights Commissions" which are charged with enforcing politically correct speech. They make up their own laws, rule that truth is not a defense, and seriously harass anyone who disagrees with their political slant.

After persecuting conservative columnist Mark Steyn for running excerpts from his best selling book America Alone in a Canadian magazine, and many other conservatively tinged writers and publications for voicing opinions that no one would think unusual on this side of the border, they have just turned down the prosecution of a Muslim for publishing a hate filled rant calling for the extermination of gays, among many other similar views.

According to their ruling, "the extracts that identify groups on the basis of prohibited grounds of discrimination (homosexuals, lesbians, Christians, Jews) do not seem to promote “hatred” or “contempt”". Apparently calling for a group's extermination doesn't promote hatred or contempt as long as the caller is a Muslim.

While prosecuting people for exercizing the right of free speech shouldn't be allowed in any event, it's telling that these commissions are only prosecuting politically incorrect speech, while leaving true hate speech alone if it's uttered by members of politically protected groups.

It's a measure of the gulf between the US and Canada, that this sort of commission could exist at all there. We tend to believe that most of the West still has freedom of speech, but suppression of politically incorrect speech is becoming the norm in much of the western world. Among many such examples, in Australia several years ago, a Christian minister was jailed for using hate speech. His crime? Quoting the Quran during a sermon.

If you're not up to speed on the suppression of free speech in Canada, you really should read this article.

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