Sunday, November 30, 2008

What's needed to stop the Somali pirates

The level of piracy off the coast of Somalia is completely out of control, and no one seems to have a plan to stop it. There is really only one force that can stop these criminals in their tracks - an American aircraft carrier.

The problem is the distances involved. By the time an attack is underway, it takes too much time for naval ships or helicopters to reach the scene. Once the hijackers are on board, they've got the upper hand and it's too late. The only forces that could reach a hijacking in progress in time are supersonic jets from a carrier stationed in the area. They could sink any pirate ship or boat before the pirates can board their target.

The American navy should put a carrier off the Somali coast until pirates there learn some painful lessons.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kudlow and Mundell on a real economic stimulus package

Lawrence Kudlow is one of the most engaging, yet knowledgeable, economists writing for the general public today. Here's a report on his conversation with Nobel Prize winning economist Robert Mundell about how to stimulate the economy. It's really unfortunate that this sort of serious discussion can't be found in the MSM, but how could a journalism major have a serious discussion about economics?

The blog entry this link refers to will get pushed down by newer entries, so read it before it goes away. Kudlow's blog is must reading for people interested in real economics, as opposed to the inane, ignorant fluff that most of the media "report" on the subject.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Eric Holder - Obama AG is a terrible choice

Read this article to see how Holder was complicit in some of the worst Clinton abuses. He's about as bad an attorney general choice as can be made. Not surprising.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Video voter survey shows media's slant

You have to watch this video of voters being asked simple questions about the candidates.

Another example of media bias trumping business survival

For any who still believe left wing media bias is just a business decision, this example of a newspaper shilling for Obama in a conservative state while going down the drain financially is an illustration of the lengths some of the media will go to support leftist causes at the expense of their own survival.

One can only hope they reach the end of their rope as soon as possible.

Another way for liberals to silence talk radio

While there has been much speculation about Democrats invoking the Unfairness Doctrine to suppress conservative talk radio, Obama's minions are planning another, more subtle but equally effective method to eliminate the one media venue where conservatives dominate. One has to hope this can be stopped.

Monday, November 17, 2008

What to do about liberal media bias

When conservatives worry about the difficulty “selling” the conservative message to the public, what we should be concerned about is that our message is getting filtered through a politically hostile media.

Imagine if the media were as conservative as it is liberal. Conservative viewpoints would get constant, sympathetic coverage, whereas liberal viewpoints would be suppressed, minimized, and treated with derision.

No matter what the merits are of the conservative points of view, they simply won’t be presented to the public fairly, accurately, or substantively by the liberal press. So the problem for conservatives isn’t the message, it’s the messenger.

Of course, when challenged about their obvious liberal bias, media personalities affect surprise and indignation that their objectivity has been questioned. But this is just for show. They and everyone else except extreme left wing loons know that the media overwhelmingly favors the Democrats and liberal causes.

So what can be done about this? It’s obviously not an easy problem to solve, but the first step has to be recognition that media bias is the fundamental problem that conservatives face. No problem can be solved if it isn’t identified.

One thing we have to do is stop providing substantial financial support to the liberal media. How many of us subscribe to Time, Newsweek, The New York Times or our local liberal paper? Sure, these organizations provide much interesting, useful information aside from their liberal slant. But if conservatives aren’t willing to make the small sacrifice of cancelling subscriptions to media organizations that sell the Democratic Party line every day, why should we expect them to change? They’ve got the best of both worlds – receiving conservative financial support for selling liberal ideas.

So a first step in challenging media bias is for conservatives to shun all liberal media outlets, from NBC to Time Magazine. Most of the left wing media are already suffering from declining sales and ratings. This has to be accelerated. When cancelling subscriptions, send a letter or email telling the organization why you’re cancelling - that you’re tired of their left wing bias. Look for the names of the publisher and managing editor, and make sure they get a copy. If the publication is owned by a larger company, copy that company CEO. If conservatives aren’t willing to take this small step, we have only ourselves to blame for our problem.

A corollary is for conservatives to support balanced or conservative media sources. The ratings and financial strength of conservative media have to be enhanced to challenge liberal organizations. If you’re not familiar with conservative alternatives to the liberal press, look around. You’ll find lots of alternative magazines like National Review, The Weekly Standard, etc., newspapers like the Wall Street Journal, Investors’ Business Daily, and The Washington Times, and great blogs like Powerline, Hugh Hewitt, Michelle Malkin, and The American Thinker, among many others. For TV news, most conservatives watch FOX these days not because it’s conservative, but because it’s balanced like the rest of the media is supposed to be.

A second step is to withdraw any advertising over which you have influence from liberal organizations. Not everyone is in a position to do this, but many are. Again, support conservative outlets where possible.

Third, encourage your conservative friends to do the same. Point out how we are financially supporting the political opposition, and suggest alternatives.

Finally, we conservatives ourselves are another potential source of information to combat liberal spin. Keep yourself informed so that you can make intelligent points in conversation with your liberal friends. If you feel uninformed about a subject, read up on it using conservative sources. The more facts you have at your fingertips, the better you will be able to counter typical liberal positions when your friends bring them up. Copy informative articles to share with friends, both liberal and conservative. Don’t be overbearing, but conservatives have the facts on our side, so don’t be shy about using them.

Media bias is the main problem for conservatives to solve. There are other ideas out there to confront it, but we conservatives have to focus on this problem, or we’ll end up like countries such as Britain or Canada, where the left has such a stranglehold on media access that true conservatives are almost shut out of the political process.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

NASA's James Hansen caught in huge blunder

As many of you know, James Hansen is NASA's chief "scientist", aka polemicist, for global warming. He's the media's go-to guy for alarmist global warming quotes, and has suggested that sceptics be tried for "crimes" for disagreeing with him. He's also in charge of one of the 4 major temperature records used by the IPCC and others - naturally the warmest record of the 4. So it was major news when NASA announced that October this year was the warmest October in history.

Then a few curious bloggers got to work, and discovered that NASA had mistakenly used September figures for October, in effect duplicating September's numbers. NASA has had a long and dubious history of using questionable numbers and "adjustments", and has been forced to admit major errors before, so one can only wonder how long NASA and Dr. Hansen will continue to retain any credibility. They have become a serious embarrassment to the American scientific establishment. It will be interesting to see how long the MSM will continue to cover for them.

Check it out here.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Media bias quotes

Here's an excellent collection of notable quotes on liberal media bias by mostly liberal media people. It's worth a look.

Michelle on Hank Paulson and the "Bailout"

The indefatigable Michelle Malkin unloads on Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and on the notion that bureaucrats know more than the market about how to manage the economy. An excellent piece.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

UAW forklift operators make $103,000

And they're underpaid at the "Big 3". The average wage, according to this analysis, is a yummy $73 per hour, which works out to about $146,000 per year. And at least 12,000 of them don't even have to pretend to work. Their contract specifies they get paid for DOING NOTHING.

The UAW has done a great job of jacking up wages and benefits at American auto companies to astronomical levels, but they're worried that they've just about bled their golden geese to death, so they'd like taxpayers to supply the financial blood they require.

Does anyone think the Obamessiah would offend the UAW by refusing its "request"?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The word "British" banned by a council in Britain

When you think political correctness and leftist self loathing have gone about as far as they can, they go further. Now it's "offensive" for British people to use the word "British", according to a local council in Britain. Read about it here, and weep.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The real reason the Democrats won

There has been much bloviating and gnashing of teeth about the reasons for Republican losses in the election. There is really only one primary reason for the defeat - the newly overt alliance between the liberal mainstream media and the Obama campaign. All other factors are subordinate to this one.

Consider the subprime mortgage crisis. It is clear that the main reason for this debacle is the fact that Congress and government regulators forced Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the banks to make loans they would not otherwise have made. The bad loans were then packaged by Fannie and Freddie for purchase by the other organizations which got into trouble once Fannie and Freddie became insolvent. Fannie and Freddie were both established by the government.

Thus, it was regulation itself, and not the lack of it, that caused this meltdown. Democratic politicians like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Chuck Schumer resisted efforts to reform these regulations before it was too late. Barack Obama himself was somehow the 2nd largest recipient of Fannie and Freddie political donations, even though he was only a junior senator.

If the politicians who had resisted reforming Fannie and Freddie were Republican, does anyone doubt that fact would have been trumpeted to the heavens by the left wing press? If John McCain had been one of the biggest recipients of Fannie and Freddie cash, wouldn't the media have made that point on a daily, if not hourly, basis?

Thus, a problem caused by regulation largely imposed by Democrats was reported in such a way that lack of regulation by the Republican administration is thought by the public to have been the cause. Because of inaccurate and misleading media coverage, people voted for Democrats who were responsible for the destruction of trillions of dollars of Americans' savings. When blame for such huge problems can be shifted from Democrats to Republicans by the media, is it any wonder the Republicans lost?

Other examples of major media bias abound. Consider the case of Sarah Palin's $150,000 budget for clothes. This was reported for days as a major issue, while Democratic expenditures like the more than $800,000 Obama spent on vote fraud specialist ACORN were completely ignored.

While Palin's clothes budget was being scrutinized, the media had no interest in investigating Obama's ties with former terrorists or the fact that his campaign had turned off automated safeguards against fraudulent donations, which fueled his enormous fundraising campaign.

If the media had played this election down the middle, it is doubtful Obama could have been nominated, much less elected. Imagine if McCain or any other Republican had associated with the despicable people Obama is connected with. The media wouldn't have allowed any Republican to have a significant political career after these sorts of associations were discovered.

The examples one could provide of media bias during this campaign are almost endless. While McCain had his own problems, Obama had far more, which either weren't reported, were minimized, or were excused by his allies in the media.

The constant barrage of media slant was more than enough to cost McCain and the Republicans the 4% of total votes needed to change the outcome of this election. Evan Thomas, assistant managing editor of Newsweek, said during the Kerry/Bush campaign that liberal media bias was worth 15% of the vote, and media support for Obama has become much more overt since then.

The main question facing Republicans is what to do about this state of affairs. Those like Sarah Palin who favor a conservative agenda can expect to be subjected to a nonstop assault by the liberal press. People who get their news from these organizations will be affected by the slant, even if they know the media is biased. Conservative Republicans will have a very difficult time winning elections unless the media alliance with the Democratic party can somehow be neutralized.

What the Republican Party and individuals can do to help redress this situation will be the topic of a subsequent post.

Info on CO2 and ocean acidification

As it has become increasingly apparent that worldwide temperatures are falling, in contradiction to global warmer theory, a new claim is being circulated. It is asserted that increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere will cause acidification of the oceans, leading to the death of ocean life.

The problem with this theory is that the oceans are substantially alkaline, so it would take a tremendous amount of CO2 to drop ocean pH below 7, which is the point at which it becomes slightly acidic. This post points out that burning all the fossil fuel in the world wouldn't be able to do that.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama's chief of staff was Freddie Mac director in 2002

Why is this no surprise? Fannie and Freddie were Democratic Party playgrounds with pols and money shuttling back and forth. Ever wonder why Obama was the 2nd highest recipient of Freddie and Fannie donations as a junior senator?

Household windmills may consume more power than they produce

This comes from an email from Paul Biggs ( to the excellent Greenie Watch blog. While windmills are an absurd way to produce electricity, this shows they may be even more ridiculous than I thought.

"The October edition of Which? Magazine [in the UK] reported on domestic wind turbines in an article entitled 'Wind turbine blows cold.' Which? installed one in a house and monitored it from December 2007 to June 2008. The result was that it used more electricity than it generated. This is because the turbine includes an "inverter" that converts the energy into electricity to go into the mains, and the inverter needs power which it draws whether the wind is turning the turbine or not. If the 'greens' want to 'save the planet' with domestic wind turbines, then they will have to make sure that they live somewhere very windy. Given the energy used and costs involved in manufacturing, installing, maintaining, plus eventual decommissioning - there may not be anywhere that is windy enough!"

Another great Mark Steyn column

Mark Steyn is possibly the best conservative writer out there. When he's on, he's really on. This is another example, looking at the implications of a leftward turn in government. Please read it here.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Letter from an Iraqi to Christopher Hitchens

Most of you know Christopher Hitchens as an anti-religious zealot who usually writes well on other political topics. This letter from an Iraqi friend of Hitchens questions the reasoning behind Hitchens' endorsement of Obama. It covers a number of points about the nature of Saddam's regime and American foreign policy. It's a good read here.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama as a 2 dimensional politician

Mark Steyn is a great wordsmith, and his latest column on the two-dimensionality of Obama is worth reading. Key paragraph:

"In his Wednesday-night infomercial, Obama declared that his 'fundamental belief' was that 'I am my brother’s keeper.' Back in Kenya, his brother lives in a shack on 12 bucks a year. If Barack is his brother’s keeper, why couldn’t he send him a ten-dollar bill and nearly double the guy’s income? The reality is that Barack Obama assumes the government should be his brother’s keeper, and his aunt’s keeper. Why be surprised by that? For 20 years in Illinois, Obama has marinated in the swamps of the Chicago political machine and the campus radicalism of William Ayers and Rashid Khalidi. In such a world, the redistributive urge is more or less a minimum entry qualification."

Read it all here.

Bill Ayers' book online

If you'd like to sample William Ayers' comunist masterpiece, "Prarie Fire", here it is. It's not pretty.

Obama wants to bankrupt the coal industry

Here's audio of Obama telling the SF Chronicle he plans to bankrupt the coal industry if elected. Not surprisingly, the Chronicle failed to mention that in the article derived from this interview.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama's plan to end private health care

This article spells out how Obama's healthcare plan would lead to a government takeover of the healthcare system. So now we can exchange America's 63% 5 year cancer survival rate for Britain's 45% survival. Hope you don't get cancer - or anything else. The same government that can't stop people from walking across our borders or find them while they're here will now be in charge of your medical treatment.