Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Democratic vote fraud ramping up in Ohio

There really isn't much reason to believe that national elections are honestly conducted any more. Blatant vote fraud schemes are proliferating like weeds after a spring rain. None are more flagrant than the scheme hatched by the Ohio Democratic Secretary of State to allow same day registration and voting without checking any ID or proof of residency.

The Obama campaign plans to bus thousands of people to register and vote without anyone knowing who they are or where they live. The writer of this article spoke to one "homeless" man who had been bussed in to vote, who was taking a bus back to Chicago.

This same day voting scheme was approved even though the Ohio state constitution explicitly requires a 30 day period between registration and voting. Her rationale? Thirty days would elapse before the votes were counted. So if the Democrats win, we won't know whether they really won, or whether they just stole the election. If it's close, you can bet on the latter.


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