Monday, October 27, 2008

Christian vices are socialist virtues

Socialism was the first great secular religion to challenge God centered religions beginning in the 19th century. (Environmentalism has become the second such secular religion.) Like previous religions, socialism provides an all encompassing worldview, complete with its own set of goals, virtues, and vices. It's interesting how socialism's virtues are almost the same list as Chritianity's vices.

For example, love of material goods is a vice in Christianity, but the very foundation of socialist theology. The only important way to analyze the human condition, according to socialism, is based on materialism.

Envy is considered a major vice in Christianity, but is elevated to a major virtue in socialism. In socialist theology, you have every right, in fact, an obligation, to be angry about anyone having more material wealth than you do.

Theft is considered a sin in Christianity, but is a virtue in socialism. Taking wealth from people who have more than you do, by force if necessary, is one of the foundation principles of socialism.

Hate is considered one of the worst sins in Christianity, but it is considered a virtue in socialism to hate the "rich", who may be robbed or killed by virtuous socialists to achieve "social justice."

Of course, murder is a fundamental sin in Christianity, but is a virtuous method of redistributing wealth and achieving a new "social order" according to hardcore socialists.

These are not just theoretical differences. Socialists have proven through the blood soaked history of the 20th century that they are willing to rob and kill tens of millions to achieve their paradise on earth.

In America, which supposedly supports separation of church and state, the new secular religions of socialism and environmentalism are exempt from this rule. Only these new religions are allowed to overtly influence and direct state policy. The environmental religion has even acquired a government department, the EPA, to enforce its beliefs. So we now have an official state religion. Socialism, however, has as much, if not more power, as the religion of government.

Both religions are cooperating to tear down our remaining freedom from government control. The process is already well along, and within the lifetime of today's children, we may only have the freedom to do as we are told. Moreover, the new religions will insist that the silly virtues of Christianity be replaced by their new, "improved" virtues.

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